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Our culture celebrates people coming together and sharing good times. 

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Our Boutique Retreat was a dream project come true, nestled on the beachfront of a tiny tropical island, unique with no cars or motorbikes, just the sand on your feet and the ocean waves to connect to your soul.

Our unique approach to space blends a balance between private and shared which means your free to choose what suits your mood.  You’ll always have a cozy cocoon-like room or  lounge in one of our luxe communal areas throughout the day. 

From the moment you arrive you feel the calm that the property emanates, the heart of our property is the Communal Pavillion, a beautiful carved teak Joglo which has been lovingly restored  and showcases a stunning cathedral ceiling that evokes grand gestures. The harmonious blending of  restored antiques, native carvings and ceramics fill the spaces with refined modern comfort and an organic casual sense  of luxury.

Our culture emphasises wellbeing for the body and of the soul, dine on healthy food, enjoy a must have massage, nurture your body with yoga practice or bike or horse riding excursions in nature.  Each of these moments of mindfulness to enrich your stay.

Villa Pulau Cinta is designed to bring individuals bound together by similar values and their shared quest for a deep fulfilling experience is at the heart of everything we do.


Gili Meno, a peaceful escape where you can gaze across the sea for uninterrupted views of Lombok’s mountainous northern coast.


The smallest and quietest of the three Gilis, Gili Meno arguably has the best beaches with its swathes of white sand scattered with pandan and beech trees lining the shoreline of crystal clear water. There's a definite peaceful atmosphere that you can sense as soon as you step off the boat.


Unique to these islands is that no motored vehicles are allowed which ensures our peaceful surroundings.  Horse Carts - Cidomo – are always available for transport, bike riding, or gentle strolling. For exploring the island it takes 1 hr to walk around or 30mins to ride a bike.  You can walk through the center – all roads lead to the other side.  Enjoy exploring our island.


Gili Meno has a large saltwater lake in the center of the island, a nice place to visit for some great pics – it is a couple of minutes bike ride from our villa.

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